Did you end up missing a meeting, and wish you knew what had happened?  Look no further.  Highlights and meeting reports will be posted here for those who couldn’t make it.  We still encourage everyone to come to the meetings whenever they can, because not everything that went on can be posted, and of course, you won’t get the benefit of the socialization, meeting the guests in person, or the fun and potential of the opportunity drawing.

What you missed in 2018
January 28: Gouldian Chick Gap Marking and Mutations
February 25: David Benites: Canaries: Hybrids & Singers
March 25th: March Madness; Auction , Recycle & Bird Mart
April 22: Member Phyllis Hollywood , Canaries & Grasskeets
May 27: Johan Otter & Karl Strute, Exotic Doves
July 01: Jim Horacek: Beekeeping
July 29: Jill Thorburn, Australian Finches
August 26: San Diego Waxworms
September 30th 45th Birthday Party, Luncheon, Auction & Raffle
October 28th: Johna Otter: Grass seeds for birds around the world
November- no FSSDC meeting
November 25th Pomona Bird Mart
December 1: Bird show: ACFA & NFSS Show Los Angles Arboretum
​December 2: Holiday Bird Mart and Craft Fair

What you missed in 2017
January 22: Andrea Cabibi “Eggs”
February 26: David Benites “Canaries, the other Finch”
March 26 : March Madness, Birds Mart, Auction and Recycle Sale
April: 23 : How to Show Birds, Sally Huntington
May 28: Andrea Cabibi” What: influences fertility in birds & sexing of unhatched chicks”.
June 18: Elio Noyas, Pigeons & Doves
July 23: Hummingbirds, Marion Stacey
August 27: Sally Huntington: Visualing Sexing Some Finches
September 24: “44th Birthday Party” Luncheon, Raffle & Auction
October 22: Winterizing Aviaries
November 4: FSSDC Ramona Finch Show & Bird Mart
December 3: 10th Annual Holiday Craft Fair & Bird Mar

What you missed in 2016
January 24; David Benites ” the Canary”
February 28: Johan Otter “Breeding Waxbill Finches”
March 13: “March Madness, Bird Mart, Auction & Recycle Sale”
March 20: Pomona Bird Mart
April 24: Andrea Cabibi”Artificial Insemination for Finches & Canary Breeders”
May 14: “Members Aviary Tour”
May 22: Margret Yorio “Plants for Aviary & Birds”
June 19: Andrea Cabibi “Sick Bird Treatments”
June 26: Pomona Bird Mart
July 24: Laura Watkins “Gouldian Mutations”
August 28 Bird Nests
September 25 “43 Birthday Party Gala Raffle & Auction”
October 8: North County Aviculturist Bird Mart
October 23: Larry Herring “Neophema Grasskeets”
November -No Meeting
November 27th: Pomona Bird Mart
December 4 “Holiday Craft Fair & Bird Mart

What you missed in 2015
January 25: Sally Huntington ” Hand-Rearing Finches & Softbills “
February 22: Steve Duncan “Avian Resources”
March 29: March Madness “Bird Mart, Auction & Recycle Sale”
April 26: Dick Schroeder”Softbill, the Unusual Ground Hornbill”
May 24: Sally Huntington & Laura Watkins: Gouldian, “Ideal Conformation & Color”
Dr. Akinyi Nyaoke & Dr Francisco Uzal from the
California Animal Health and Food Safety Laboratory
June 28: Pomona Bird Mart
July 26: “Emergency Evacuation” Kevin Whaley, K & W Cages
August 30: Members share their nesting secrets
September 27: 42nd Annual Birthday Party
October 10: North County Aviculture Bird Mart
October 25: Margaret Yorio “Safe Aviary Plants for Birds”
November: no meeting
December 6: Bird Mart & Holiday Craft Fair

What you missed in 2014
January 26th; Larry Herring “Neophemias/Australian Grasskeets”
February 23rd Sandee Molinda “Traveling and Shipping Birds”
March 23rd – March Madness; buying, selling, auction
April 27th : Joanne from “LadyGouldian”
May 25th: Steve Duncan “Bird Photography”
June 29th : Guy Mock “Aviaries 101”
July 27th: Rebecca O’Conner “Falconer”
August 24: Nicole Perretta “Bird Calls”
September 28 – 41st Annual Birthday Party: auction & huge raffle
October 26: Alec Culp “Breeding Touracos”
November – no meeting
December -7th Annual Holiday Craft Fair & Bird Mart