MISSION STATEMENT: The purpose of this Society is to join together individuals who share a common interest in collecting and breeding finches, doves and softbills.


WHEN: Sunday September 22 at 1:00pm
Members are ‘free’, guests and visitors are $10
Birthday Lunch, Auction and Giant Raffle

PROGRAM: Once a year FSSDC members get a ‘free lunch’ at our Annual Birthday Party. This year our 46th Annual Birthday Celebration
is September 22 at 1:00.

MEMBERS EARLY BIRD DRAWING: #5 Millet, #25 Finch Seed, Gouldian Nest Box, Pair Silverbills

MENU: Chicken, BBQ ribs, Coleslaw, Mixed Fruit, Rolls, Ice Tea, Water, and Cake, Donated desserts as an edition to the party are appreciated.

AUCTION: Pair Owl Finches (from Oregon), Pair Normal Turqouisine Parakeets (from Canada), 2 Pair Star Finches (from Oregon), Pair of Scarlet Chested Parakeets, Male European Goldfinch, cages and some other stuff

GIANT RAFFLE: 4 Pairs Gouldian Finches, Pair Yellow Turqouisne, Pair Red’-cheeked Cordon Bleus Waxbills, Pair Diamond Doves, Pair Society Finches, Pair Silverbills, 2 Pair Rosie Bourkes, Pair Fire Finches, Pair Senagal Doves, Pair Diamond Sparrows, 2 Pair Canaries, Pair Red-ears Waxbills, Pair Orange-cheeks Waxbills


Members Only

1PM Buy and Sell birds

2PM Early Bird Drawing :

  • #25 Finch Seed
  • Bird Net

Bird of the Month: Turquoise Parrot

The turquoise parrot is native to Eastern Australia. A small lightly built parrot, it is found in grasslands and open woodlands eating fruit and scale insects. It nests in hollows of gum trees.