MISSION STATEMENT: The purpose of this Society is to join together individuals who share a common interest in collecting and breeding finches, doves and softbills.


The August 2019 Program : Jim Horacek presents... Safe Aviary Plants

MEETING SUNDAY, AUGUST 25 at 2:00 Come and join us, everyone is welcome

PROGRAM: Jim Horacek, a profession horticulturist and FSSDC member, will talk about plants that are safe to use with finches. There are different types of plants that are good for cover, make good nesting materials and are easy to grow.  Also he will donate a few plants to give to members along with a guide they can take home with them.

RAFFLE: Pair Gouldians Finches, Pair Red-cheeked Cordon Bleu, Pair Button Quail, Indian Silverbills, Pair of Gold Breasted Waxbills and more

**Reminder: Your membership needs to be renewed yearly to enjoy the many benefits ie: buying and selling birds, bonus raffle tickets and the “early bird” drawing

REFRESHMENTS: M-Z finger-foods A-L sweets

The Poway Elks Club
13219 Poway Road
Poway CA 92064

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Bird of the Month: Indian Silverbill Finch

(Euodice malabarica) A small bird found in the Indian Subcontinent, the Indian silverbill (aka white-throated munia) forages in small flocks in grassland and scrub habitats. It is closely related to the African silverbill.