MISSION STATEMENT: The purpose of this Society is to join together individuals who share a common interest in collecting and breeding finches, doves and softbills.


MEETING DATE: Suspended until further notice

MEETING START TIME: 1:00pm (open to public)

PROGRAM: “March Madness?” Recycle bird supplies, buy & sell birds, vendors, auction and raffle.

You know all those bird supplies you don’t use any more, just collecting dust and taking up space? This is the perfect time to declutter ‘recycle’ . Clean them up so you can either sell them or give them away. This is a ‘garage sale’ for bird supplies.

Are you a vendor who would like to sell birds or supplies? call and reserve a table.YOU MUST: reserve table space to be guaranteed a table because the tables are limited. Members 1/2 table free, full table $5. Non members/2 table $10 full table $20. Call Antonio: (914) 512-0632 to reserve space.

Auction: Cages and Birds: TBA

Raffle Birds: Pair Scarlet Chest Parakeets, Pair Indian Silverbills, 2 Pairs Gouldian Finches, Pair Diamond Doves, Pair Senegal Fire Finches, Pair Gold Breasted Waxbills, Pair Button Quail, Trio Society Finches, Pair Turquoisine Parakeets

Members Only

1PM Buy and Sell birds

2PM Early Bird Drawing :

  • #25 Finch Seed
  • Bird Net

Bird of the Month: Gold Breasted Waxbills

The orange-breasted waxbill (Amandava subflava) or zebra waxbill, is a small (approximately 9 cm long) sparrow-like bird with a reddish iris, orange breast, red bill and dark olive-green plumage. The male has a red rump, dark bars on the whitish flank and a scarlet eyebrow stripe. The female is duller and smaller than male; it also lacks the male's red eyebrow. The orange-breasted waxbill is found in grassland and savannahs south of the Sahara in Africa.

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