MISSION STATEMENT: The purpose of this Society is to join together individuals who share a common interest in collecting and breeding finches, doves and softbills.

The May 2019 Program

In Cuba, Omar Gonzalez’s interest in birds started at a young age with his father, catching the wild ‘mariposa’ song birds. When the family moved to the US his father bought him 2 canaries. Later Omar bought his first 2 parrots from a pet shop. Unaware birds were sold by unknowledgeable retailers and often kept in unhealthy conditions, his first pet parrots died. Omar saw the need for knowledgeable, clean and healthily pet shop environments, so no one would lose their pet bird from avoidable health conditions. He opened his first pet store in 1984. Pet Product News awarded, Omar’s Exotic Birds, RETAILER OF THE YEAR AWARD in 2002. His passion as an aviculturist along with the commitment of improving bird health and welfare continues, and is reflected in his books and lectures.

Refreshments: A-L finger-foods M-Z sweets

Raffle Items

  • Pair Gouldian Finches
  • Pair Fire Finches
  • Pair Button Quail
  • Pair Owl Finches
  • Pair White Ring-necked Doves

**Reminder: Your membership needs to be renewed yearly to enjoy the many benefits ie: buying and selling birds, bonus raffle tickets and the “early bird” drawing

A Pet Store

Members Only

1PM Buy and Sell birds

2PM Early Bird Drawing :

  • #25 Finch Seed
  • Bird Net